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NetSupport Notify 5.10.0000 vrijgegeven Product update
Maandag 27 September 2021, 14:30u
NetSupport Notify version 5.10.0000 is available in the below language variants: English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish

This version of NetSupport Notify 5.10.0000 requires a new version 5 license key.
Overzicht nieuw en fixes (Engels):
What is new
  • Emergency response messages now include the senders machine name and IP address in the Notification Console history.
  • Notification sender name is now included in the notification message.
  • Can now view the Recipients on an existing message in the Scheduled Notification section.
  • When notification history is refreshed or sort order is changed, the selected message is retained.
  • For performance reasons, when selecting items from the individuals list no more than 250 can be added to the sendto list for any one message.
  • Enables Messages sent to explicit departments, or departments based on PC Active Directory OUs, to be delivered when a PC next powers on; and messages sent to a user's Active
  • Directory OU to be displayed next time that user logs in if not previously acknowledged at that PC.
  • Logged-in operator is now displayed in the bottom toolbar of the Notify Console.
  • A yellow warning triangle badge is now displayed on the ribbon as well as the status bar if any Notification server cannot be contacted.
  • Agents will now automatically reconnect after a period of up to 60 minutes if they had previously been supplied with an incorrect server key or a server licensing error.
  • Scheduled Messages are now sorted alphabetically, paused messages will fall to the bottom of the list until resumed.
  • The last used "Send to" type is now remembered on close and re-opening of the Notify Console.
  • Notification alert history now includes the IP address of the Agent who received the message.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to enable, bold, italic and underline font formatting options.

What is fixed
  • Resolved a gateway crash that occurred when sending notifications with long caption and message lengths.
  • The Notification position is now remembered when reusing a previously sent notification.
  • Fixes an issue, where if a scheduled message contained a bold text caption, a solid block of colour was displayed instead of the desired text.
  • Notification type is now remembered after closing and opening the Console. The last used type will be selected.
  • Resolved an issue where formatted text was not displayed correctly for scheduled notifications.
  • Resolved an issue with notifications that have a caption over two lines that were not displayed correctly when reused.
  • Can now send notifications to individual Agents via the IP address range option.
  • Messages sent to a logged off terminal server console will timeout after 5 minutes regardless of message settings. This will also apply to locked terminal server session screens. This is to relevant resource usage by messages that can never be acknowledged on an unattended server console.
  • Fixes an issue where multiple messages scheduled for delivery at the same time may not be display correctly.
  • Fixes an issue causing a console crash when pasting text into a scheduled message caption from Excel.
  • The chosen spell check language is now retained on closing and reopening of the Console.
  • The message formatting is now correctly applied when using individual as the "send to" option when sending a notification.
  • Fixed an issue where the console's "auto size" would override the Agents full-screen config option.
  • Resolved an issue where auto-size was not working if the fonts in the notification has been changed from the default.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented NetSupport School and Manager from browsing for devices when using the NCS as a shared component and "Specify operators permitted to send notifications" was set.
  • Resolved an issue where the spell check feature was not being correctly detected for all languages.
  • Fixes and issue where scheduled messages to multiple departments may result in duplicate messages being send to agents in more than one of those departments.
  • Fixes an Issue which prevented terminal services sessions from sending or receiving Emergency Response messages to other users on the same terminal server.
  • Fixes a console crash when selecting scheduled messages that had been saved with unsupported characters in the caption.
  • Improves readability of notification progress and history received/acknowledged counts.
  • Fixes minor issue where Agents that power off were not being removed promptly from the NCS.
  • Fixes minor issue where acknowledgment history showed incorrectly if user acknowledgment was made after logging off for a message received whilst logged on.
  • Resolves an issue where the Notify installer was not reading the full config.dat file during a silent install.
  • Resolved an issue in the include departments operator permission, which did not work if you had added multiple departments.
  • Made improvements to the UI responsiveness to ensure all department and server lists are visible when resizing the console.
  • Fixes User Interface bug in IP Range configuration dialog.

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