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NetSupport School version 15.10.0000 released Product release
Vrijdag 19 Januari 2024, 14:11u
Overzicht nieuw en fixes (Engels):

NetSupport School version 15.10.0000 has now been released as is available for download from our websites. This release of NetSupport School this release will work with a NetSupport School version 15.00 license key

The following platforms for NetSupport School have been included in this release:
Bulgarian, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, English, European Portuguese, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin American, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese and Turkish.

For information on the items included in this new NetSupport School version 15.10.0000 release, please see the below :

What is new

  • Test Designer and Testing modules updated to respect different DPI settings.
  • Added spell checker to the Test Designer.
  • A newly created question is now selected in the main tree.
  • Added a checkbox to the Test Designer to create another question of the same type to make it easier and quicker to create tests.
What is Fixed

  • Fixed a truncation issue in the drag and drop question type if an answer contains lots of text.
  • Resolved an issue in the True/False question type where the end user could move to the next question without answering all the options.
  • Resolved a crash when a File Distribution is in progress and a student disconnects.
  • Resolved an issue where group names in the Tech Console were not displayed in alphabetical order.
  • Removed the default login/password from Test Designer and advised to create one on exit on the App.
  • Resolved a product lock up when using Feedback and Wellbeing in basic mode.
  • Resolved an issue where the character length in the Student's Gateway key dialog did not match the length in the Tutor and Gateway components.
  • Fixed an assert in the Tech Console when browsing for Students and using the Group by function.
  • Fixes an issue where send / collect work presented an error on collection when student destination path was "Desktop:".
  • Fixed internet metering and blocking when students are using the Opera browser.
  • Resolved a product lockup when using the Group leader interface.
  • Corrected the instructions text within the Combo question type.
  • Fixed a product lockup when moving the Tutor interface from one monitor to another when different DPI's set.
  • Resolved a product lockup when showing a PowerPoint presentation to students.
  • Fixed an interface issue to show the correct state of the central policy suspension.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the resetting of password if a user?s account was locked out.
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